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5 Ways to Make a Long Flight Seem Shorter
Flying overseas is always exciting - except for the case when you have to spend half a day sitting in your chair inside a tin can flying at an incredible speed, at an incredible distance from the ground. Staring out the window at the amazing show of the clouds beneath is fun but it won't k...
The Finest Golf Courses in Australia
When you think of Australia, golf may not be the first thing to come to mind. Sand, maybe, and kangaroos or koalas, but not carefully tended lawns and holes. While this might not be obvious to the outsiders, there are many Australians spending time walking the endless lawns of some of the most...
Best Asian Casinos
  Casinos in Asia aren’t just big they are some of the best in the world, and they are giving Vegas a run for its money. Places like Macau and Singapo...
Why Go to Monte Carlo when You can Play Online?
Why Go to Monte Carlo when You can Play Online? Boarding a plane to travel to Monaco, climbing the hill to see...
5 Fun Things to Do in Bandung Indonesia
  Bandung is the capital of Indonesia’s West Java province and is known for its...
Live the Celebrity Lifestyle in Las Vegas
  Visiting Las Vegas is certainly an experience, and whether yo...
Hey Americans! Thinking about leaving the US if Donald Trump gets elected? 
Can OnBoard WiFi Change The Way We Fly?
What does modern technology mean to you? It's something we rely on every day, but we often don't stop to think exactly what it means for us. One place we've probably felt cut off traditionally (at least over the last few years) is in flight, given all the attention about not using ...