Travel Tips On Where to Go, What To See, and How to Do it

What To Do If You Miss Your Flight
It’s a given that something unpredictable is bound to happen at times. Missing your flight is definitely one of them, whether you are travelling to a
 England’s Best Seaside Towns
Vacationing in smaller towns is a great way to escape the crowds visiting capital cities, and England is no exception. There are many seaside towns worth visiting, which makes choosing one an extremely difficult task. However, the following towns have something people of all ages can enjoy:
Spanish Islands: What’s Hot for 2014?
Everyone knows that Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Spanish islands are no exception, due to the...
Top Ten Tips for Preparing a RTW Trip
Preparing a trip around the world isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of...
How to Become a Digital Nomad
If you are tired of having the same routine day after day, going to the same off...
Top Destinations in Guatemala
Guatemala is one of my favourite countries in the world.  It is cheap, easy to get around and there’s something for everyone. There are beaches, highlands, jungles, lakes, Pacific and Caribbean coasts, magnificent ruins, Mayan culture, old colonial towns and so much more. The best p...
Lisbon: Portugals Top Port Of Call
When you're browsing through cruise deals for Southampton you'll find vessels sailing from the south coast city call at some fantastic ports all along Europe's west coast, including Oslo and Amsterdam.   But while these cities are big on art, they're ...
Introducing Khao Lak
Think of a beach getaway in Thailand and chances are somewhere like Phuket or the Phi Phi Islands springs to mind. While amazing, these places are tourist hotspots, which means they're not necessarily the best choice if a bit of peace and quiet is what you're after. Khao Lak, however, ...
The Top 5 Things to do in Chicago
Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and a few days here definitely won’t be enough to see everything. There are a few must-see’s though, so here are my top 5 things to do in Chicago:  
Best Free Family Activities In Wales
When it comes to going on holiday with the family, you may be dreading the thought of the cost, but there are plenty of ways to keep the price down with just a little bit of research. By taking a break in Wales instead of flying further afield, you have made your first money-saving decision, b...